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Janet M. Harvey CEO of inviteCHANGE
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Posted: April 29, 2019

FREELAND, WASHINGTON, UNITED STATES/EINPresswire.com/ -- Our guest Wednesday May 1st and May 8th is inviteCHANGE CEO Janet M. Harvey. inviteCHANGE is a professional coaching organization dedicated to providing generative coaching solutions for individuals and teams as well as helping enterprises learn how to become coach-centered in their culture. People say they are fearful of change; the truth is we are fearful of the uncertainty on the other side of change. Whether it's a new job, losing a job or retirement, the only way out is in. If we can press the pause button for a moment and reconnect to the soul of who we are, we remember we have the innate capacity to meet the next challenge no matter what it may be. This is the foundation of generative coaching, the cornerstone of what inviteCHANGE does.

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Janet M. Harvey, CEO of inviteChange on CUTVNews Radio

Doug Llewelyn says "Professional coaching; its not about problems and issues it's about awakening conciousness to maximize someone's potential". Working with a coach allows a person to realize they do have potential they are not using, and then make a choice to apply those internal resources so they can be much more effective and more fulfilled.

PART 1: Welcomes Back

Jack Canfield

interview with Janet M. Harvey
Jack Canfield interviews Janet M. Harvey CEO of IviteCHANGE

I very much appreciated your preparation with me and enjoyed the opportunity to engage productively with Jack and Patty.


The 1st Step to Change
Are you looking for change in your life?

Many professionals are afraid to change because they've built up a persona of success. In this video, Janet talks about her journey to sustainable excellence.

Training Organizations and Professional Coaches to Generate Purposeful, Meaningful Change

We invite you to experience a new relationship with change — actively generating it — professionally in your organization and personally in your life. Our Generative Wholeness™ Practitioners invite you to engage boldly, coach purposefully, partner respectfully and lead authentically.

The inviteCHANGE Difference

We build cultures where people love to work so companies enjoy sustainable excellence. Since 1997, we have delivered generative learning and coaching experiences for leaders from the front line to the board room. Being generative is the dynamic capacity to originate, create, learn and produce results.

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