Tap into the Power of the Mastermind. Connect, contribute, and grow your knowledge, capacity, and wisdom.

Successful  business owners are passionate about their personal and professional growth and their company’s impact, and invest in themselves to make sure it happens.

Join your peers in a confidential online learning environment and create maximum growth for yourself and your company. Get clear on where you are, where you want to be, why you want to get there, and how you’ll do it. Tiered groups put you in the room with CEOs who are at or above your level. No travel, hotels, commuting. Experienced facilitation and ICF certified masterful coaching increases value while minimizing time investment.

Immeasurable wins and benefits!

Make better decisions with the support of our CEO Mastermind Community. Dig deep. Share opportunities and challenges to get input from peers to make better decisions. Access a new community expertly facilitated by an ICF credentialed coach facilitator who’s helped CEOs accelerate their companies’ growth since 2015.

Move the needle on your strategic goals. In virtual monthly 4-hour group meetings and interim coaching strategy sessions with an award-winning, seasoned Forbes Coaches Council member CEO Coach you will clarify vision, strategy and goals and be accountable to make them reality.

Gain self-awareness to be a better leader. Access to Taylor Protocols’ revolutionary Core Values Index, (CVI) which accurately (over a million assessments with 97% repeat score reliability) characterizes and measures a person’s unchanging core values nature. Real feedback from people who care about your success and have no other agenda.

Stay informed to innovate. Keep up to date on a variety of topics from Forbes and other top sources. Cutting edge insights and tools help leaders consistently bring new ideas into their business and life, fostering innovation and accelerating growth.

“Deliberately seek the company of people

who influence you to think and act

on building the life you desire.”

Napoleon Hill        

Invitation only. Do you qualify?

  • Million dollar and multimillion dollar companies
  • Leading a team of ten to two hundred plus
  • Profitable, reputable business and industry
  • Authentic, transparent, high trust
  • Growth-oriented, both personally and in your business
  • Coachable, willing to be accountable
  • Embrace a “Go-Giver” philosophy, motivated to contribute to your communities.

Due to Christine’s persistent exploration of plans and motivations, I always come out of a session with a new idea and enhanced plan of attack to move through the week ahead. She is a guiding force, that leverages my existing strategic plan into a more thought out and confident vision. 

Truly her coaching has been immeasurable in terms of wins and value.”

Bill Sager, CEO  |  Sager Family Homes  |  Tacoma, Washington

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