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The Healing Puzzle

Overcoming A Chronic Illness Through Unconditional Love

Honorable Mention Winner of the
2nd Annual Global Book Contest
sponsored by LuckyCinda Publishing
in the category of Inspirational / Self Help

About the Book:Throughout our lives we search for love & if we’re lucky we find it. If we’re really lucky we find someone who will love us unconditionally. This is a story of my journey to finding that love. On the road to this discovery, I developed Crohn’s disease, a chronic autoimmune disease of the intestinal tract, which doctors said was incurable. Eventually, I refused to believe that fact and opted instead to take a challenging path of seeking health and self love. Along the way, I met my husband, Bob. It’s through his nurturing, belief in me & selfless love that I was finally able to recover. He truly loved me for better or worse, in sickness & in health. However, we don’t always appreciate what we have until it’s gone. This is true for me as I lost Bob to a sudden heart attack in 2007. Yet, his love still comes through to me in ways I could never have dreamed possible. By sharing my story of healing and love, it’s my hope to help others by propelling them further along on their path of finding healing and unconditional love in their lives.

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