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What people are saying...

"I have read Barbara’s books & found them to be quite informative. Also, I attended her workshops that focused on identifying practical & holistic approaches to health. What I love most is how Barbara presents the information of these serious topics in simple & plain language. Her personable approach makes you feel she is totally on your side & there for you. As a result, I highly recommend her books & lectures to all my clients.
Dr. Nancy Erb
"Barbara is an angel whose advice helped me tremendously. She shared something that totally changed my life. It was when she said how I needed to take care of the little girl inside me.I am always taking care of everyone else’s needs except my own.This simple, yet profound, advice Barbara provided me changed that pattern. Now, I remember to nourish & care for myself thinking of the little girl who needs me.
Jeanne White
"I have trouble sleeping usually, but Barbara made me feel so relaxed, comfortable & safe that during the meditation part of her workshop, I feel into a deep relaxed sleep."
Ruth Wood
"Barbara’s workshop offered tools for stress relief and healing. She also provided methods to reinforce what was learned."
Mary Sosinski
"I have been to physical therapy time and time again with little result. I was doing the same 4-6 week routine of exercises to improve the strength and range of motion in my shoulder, only to be discharged after just beginning to make some real progress. I knew that I needed something better and more long term to help me. I’m glad that I finally found Barbara! Her approach wasn’t like any other I have experienced in therapy before. She asks necessary questions to gain a better understanding of the issue and comes up with the best treatment plan possible so you can accomplish your goals. Barbara is a great listener, takes time to explain what is happening, and treats the whole person, not just the body part or their muscles. Sessions are fun and enjoyable. I highly recommend Barbara for your physical therapy needs! The warmth and joy of being cared for by a talented professional, very special person, and dear friend is of great value to me. Thank you for being the physical therapist that I have been looking for"
Rania Ismail, L.M.T.
"Dear Barbara, I am writing this testimonial so all will know how great you and your program are. When I first met Barbara and her Radiance program, I was a physical and emotional wreck. With the use of deep breathing, meditation and Reiki, my emotional, spiritual and physical ailments have been reduced. I strongly recommend Barbara and her Radiance program to anyone with any type of stress of ailment. The results will amaze you and your friends."
Wayne P. Genz
"I am one of the fortunate ones who has had the pleasure of being treated by Barbara Steingas. I met her during a couple of sessions of Chakra Balancing which she performed on me. After my second session was complete, Barbara asked if she could check out my foot, which was healing from a broken bone. She felt around, made an adjustment and told me that I should be able to walk better. It took a day or two for me to realize that Barbara aligned the fracture and my foot healed so much better and quicker. I have since, asked Barbara to work on me regularly, for my foot and ankle, along with my low back, neck and other weaker parts of my body. I have been feeling much better and my husband even notices that I am more comfortable. I am so happy that I met Barbara and better yet, have had her working her “magic” on me. The fact that Barbara is a Physical Therapist and Reiki practitioner, has benefited me greatly. She works on me in the comfort of my home, which makes it great to be able to relax during and after her treatments. I highly recommend Barbara to work on you, your family members and your friends."
Barbara Berger.
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