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Solving the Grief and Loss Puzzle

Piecing Together Your New Normal Life
(Vol. 2 of Radiant Life Series)

Everyone experiences loss at some point in their life. Whether its the passing of a loved one or beloved pet, the breakup of a friendship or romance, a divorce, getting fired, losing a limb, or suffering a natural disaster, it hurts. We all experience a grieving process to overcome it, helping us to become stronger and create a new normal life.

“This is an insightful and heartfelt review of the stages involved in the process of grief, drawing on [Barbara’s] personal experience.  Readers will take heart to learn that her pain has led to a new normal, and they will appreciate seeing the strategies that guided the process to acceptance.  I found this book interesting and believe it will appeal to a broad audience. Well done!”

Joseph F., Editor for Balboa Press

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